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Unity Stomp Dance


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David Crawford
Principal - Retired

Macaulay Public School

[...] Chris' work has been instrumental in helping to develop an understanding of and respect for the cultures that are an integral part of our Canadian identity. Helping students develop this mindset is, in my mind, one of the most valuable pursuits that we can provide within a public education system and Chris' excellent program supports this goal! We have benefited greatly from the Elders in the Classroom experience and would love to see it continue and expand. Read full testimonial

Pamaela Reinholdt, Gary LaPeare
Principal, Senior Kindergarten & Event Organizer

Prince of Wales Elementary School

The interactive, multimodal nature of your presentations were well-suited to our diverse population with varied learning styles. The combination of stories, visual props in the form of clothing and artwork, hands-on props like drums and rattles, and of course the students' participation in the songs and dances gained- and maintained- their attention and helped them to truly learn something from the presentations. Read full testimonial

Rachel Franks
OCT, B.ED. Education Lead

Future Design School

Christopher demonstrated deep expertise and an innate ability to engage personally with students through an online platform. The widespread adoption of remote learning is an exciting opportunity to scale the number of youth whom he can teach, interact and inspire. I am thrilled that Christopher will be able to further support students through virtual programming and look forward to following his continued success in engaging youth in traditional teachings. Read full testimonial

Jennifer Fleming

“A JOURNEY BEGINS..” Water Drum workshop

  Recently I was gifted the honour to engage in a 2 day workshop with Christopher Stock (and his Family) from ‘A Journey Begins..’ learning how to make an authentic wooden Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) water drum. He and his family were very welcoming, very organized and thoughtful in their preparations for us, offering different options for decorating our drums, so that they would be as unique as we are. They were very respectful and created an atmosphere of acceptance with warmth and encouragement. I would attend any other workshops through ‘A Journey Begins..’ in the future in a heartbeat, and fully recommend both Indigenous and Non-Indigenous to attend one! You will not be disappointed.It was a great way to spend a weekend!   Read full testimonial