Dear Mr. Christopher Stock,

RE: Your Iroquois Social Singing And Dancing presentations at our school

On behalf of the staff and students of Prince of Wales School we wish to thank you for your excellent series of presentations yesterday and today. Through an engaging mixture of stories, songs, dances, demonstrations, and discussion you helped all of us to begin to understand and appreciate Iroquoian (in particular, Mohawk) society and culture.

We appreciate the way in which you prepared six different presentations, each aimed at the particular interests, attention span, and Specific Expectations unique to the particular grades present at each. We enjoyed your two presentations for our middle school; one concerning the Iroquoian culture and one allowing for interactive discussion of current and historical social and political issues. It’s not often the same person is able to educate and enthral all grades from Junior Kindergarten to Grade Eight.

The interactive, multimodal nature of your presentations were well-suited to our diverse population with varied learning styles. The combination of stories, visual props in the form of clothing and artwork, hands-on props like drums and rattles, and of course the students’ participation in the songs and dances gained—and maintained—their attention and helped them to truly learn something from the presentations.

Your reference materials and lists will assist our teachers in following up on what has been an excellent exposure to Iroquian culture, society, art, and social /political issues.

We will gladly recommend you to any other schools interested in your services.

With Thanks,