About A Journey Begins...

Elder Christopher Stock has been sharing his knowledge of Indigenous culture, history and languages for over 30 years.

Christopher Stock is a fifth-generation member of Wahta Mohawk Territory near Bala, Ontario. He has been immersed in his culture for his whole life, but it was his battle with Stage 4 cancer that gave him an experiential understanding of the true meaning of his teachings. Through his cancer journey, he developed a deeper connection to his teachings and to the natural world. His hope is that by taking a journey with him you will not only experience the rich history of Indigenous people in Canada, but will also leave with a new perspective on life.

Born Out of Education...

A Journey Begins… was born out of education, with the intention to bring the Indigenous components of the Ontario elementary curriculum to life. Christopher travelled to various schools and school boards, providing students with the experience of a traditional Iroquoian Cultural Social Gathering.

Now he aspires to bring his message to the larger community, bringing his immersive workshops to people of all ages to share the traditions of his people.

Christopher’s unique interactive Indigenous cultural experiences promote awareness and understanding of Indigenous history, language and worldview, thereby bringing about a greater connection towards active and sustaining Truth and Reconciliation.

Our Mission

To promote awareness and understanding of Indigenous Culture, History, Language, Truth and Reconciliation.

Our Vision

By increasing awareness and understanding of Indigenous, Culture, History and Language, the process of healing from all of the experiences and atrocities wrought by Colonialism will expand beyond Hurt, Pain, Anger and Frustration. A Journey Begins … allows for bridge building to take place, to re-establish and strengthen relationships in order to bring about Active, Meaningful and Sustaining Truth and Reconciliation.

Our Values

Our values are based upon the Original Instructions given to us by the Creator: Ohén:ton Karihwatéhkwen, The Thanksgiving Address. He gave us everything we need to sustain our lives on this Earth as a gift. As long as we take care of it, it will be here to take care of us.

The Creator intended life to be simple. We were meant to travel across this Earth to Admire all of his Creation, taking only what we need, and replacing what we take, until it is our time to return home to SkyWorld. All that HE asked for in return, was for us to give greetings of Love, Honour, Respect, Thanks and Gratitude each and every day. We need to return to His original instructions, thereby creating a Sustainable, Harmonious, Prosperous Society, Living in Peace and Harmony with Nature and each other on this Planet that we call home: Mother Earth.

Christopher Stock

Christopher Stock is a graduate of Queen’s University’s Indigenous Teacher Education Program and holds a Primary/Junior Certification from the Ontario College of Teachers.

Christopher’s ancestors relocated from Kanehsatà:ke – Oka, Quebec to Muskoka, Ontario, Canada in 1881. As a fifth-generation member of Wáhta Mohawks, he is a graduate of the Mohawk Immersion Adult Language Program at Wáhta Mohawk Territory, located near the town of Bala in the Muskoka Lakes Township.

During his high school years, Christopher was among the contributors to the creation of the first Native Studies course. He began his teaching career with the Wáhta Mohawks’ Kinderkids Program, a unique outdoor education program for JK/SK students, which allowed him to develop his distinctive teaching style.

Christopher spent many years as a Second Language Teacher for Mohawk in grades 4-8 at Six Nations of the Grand River Territory. He has also participated in many presentations, performances and special events, including playing guitar and performing in Mohawk alongside his brother Jonathon as “THE WÁHTA BOYS,” participating in National Aboriginal Language Day and National Aboriginal Day celebrations, and performing at various schools and youth clubs.

In 2018, Christopher received a diagnosis of Aggressive Stage 4 Diffuse Large B-Cell Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. He underwent six chemotherapy treatments from August 28, 2018, to December 18, 2018, resulting in a confirmed non-active cancer status by January 18, 2019. However, he still battles the after-effects of cancer and its treatment, such as severe neuropathy (permanent nerve damage) in both legs.

All of these unique experiences, coupled with Christopher’s life-changing journey through cancer, have highlighted what truly matters in life: time. Christopher’s Interactive Indigenous Cultural Experiences offer an introduction to North America’s Indigenous People and their culture, creating a welcoming, inviting, engaging, positive experience, and an opportunity to build a bridge towards active and sustaining Truth and Reconciliation.

In the News

Certifications & Awards

  • Graduate of Queen’s University’s ATEP Program
  • Ontario College of Teachers, Primary/Junior Certification.
  • Graduate of Wáhta Mohawks – Mohawk Immersion Adult Language Program.
  • TLDSB Director’s Recognition Award, December 2022

Select Performances & Events

  • Playing guitar and performing in the Mohawk Language alongside with his brother Jonathon as “THE WÁHTA BOYS.”
  • Private schools, public schools and youth clubs
  • Girl Guides of Canada / Scout Canada Jamborees.
  • National Aboriginal Language Day Celebrations
  • National Aboriginal Day Celebrations
  • New Horizons Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centre
  • Bala Cranberry Festival Opening Day Ceremonies, Oct 1998
  • Native Women’s Centre Toronto, 2006
  • McMaster University World Religion Course, 2006
  • Town of Bracebridge hosting Gol Norway Youth Friendship Delegation visit, 2013
  • International Exchange Students from Japan, 2013
  • Town of Bracebridge 150th Agricultural Fall Fair Celebration, 2017
  • Indigenous Performer May 2022
  • Rosseau Lake College Powwow, June 2022
  • Home Depot, Huntsville, June 2022
  • Delta Airlines, August 2022
  • TLDSB Director’s Recognition Award, 2022
  • District of Muskoka, Pedagogy of Care Conference, November 2022, March 2023
  • Local ETFO Workshop, April 2023
  • Presenter & Elder in Residence at TLDSB’s Trillium Lakelands Arts Camp, May 2023