A Journey Begins...

An Interactive Indigenous Cultural Experience

Join us on a journey of discovery and connection as we learn about Indigenous culture, led by elder and educator Christopher Stock. Our workshops provide an opportunity to learn through stories, language, song and dance, centred in Indigenous perspectives. Deepen your understanding of Indigenous culture and take the first step towards a more inclusive and connected world.

Life, after all, is a journey.


A Journey Begins workshops are interactive, engaging, experiential and inclusive. They are tailored to various audiences and are available to elementary, secondary and post-secondary schools, camps, youth groups, corporations and private groups.

The Haudenosaunee Worldview

This multi-part workshop is the starting point for a learning journey. Participants are introduced to the original instructions given to the Haudenosaunee people, and gain an understanding of how they view the world.

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The Maple Syrup Experience

This hands-on, interactive, outdoor workshop combines the traditional Haudenosaunee method of making maple syrup with stories, songs and teachings that connect to concepts of sustainability, stewardship, tradition and gratitude.

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Making Traditional Water Drums

In this two day, immersive workshop, you will hand carve a traditional Haudenosaunee water drum using traditional tools and methods. While you work, you’ll share stories, songs and food over the fire with your fellow participants and instructors.

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The Unity Stomp Dance is a traditional Haudenosaunee song that symbolizes bringing different nations together.

About A Journey Begins...

Christopher Stock’s unique life experiences have highlighted what truly matters in life: time. He is proud to spend his time promoting his Indigenous ancestry. A Journey Begins… Interactive Indigenous Cultural Experiences offer an introduction to traditional Iroquoian Culture, creating a welcoming, inviting, engaging, positive experience, and an opportunity to build a bridge towards active and sustaining Truth and Reconciliation.

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I have known Christopher since he was a child and I have no difficulty whatsoever in my comfort level that Christopher represents the authentic knowledge of the Haudenosaunee people, and that he will work well with children in any school.

– Chief Philip Franks, Wahta Mohawk Council

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