The Haudenosaunee Worldview

This multi-part workshop is the starting point for a learning journey. Participants are introduced to the original instructions given to the Haudenosaunee people, and gain an understanding of how they view the world.

Listen well for a short time as we begin with Ohén:ton Karihwatéhkwen, the traditional opening address spoken in the Mohawk language, followed by a translation. As you listen carefully to the translation, you will begin to understand our relationship with nature and the natural world.

The first thing to remember is that Traditional Knowledge and Life Lessons are passed down through storytelling. Stories are the key to unlock and open the door to awareness and understanding.

Equally important, a variety of Social Dances, Songs and Games will be demonstrated. Listen carefully, watch closely, because after that it is your turn to try.

Sharing traditional knowledge and teachings nurtures a greater understanding and awareness of Indigenous Culture, as well as fun, laughter and enjoyment.

Following the first session, subsequent workshops build on the initial learnings and are tailored to your needs and desired learning outcomes. Whether you want to bring the curriculum to life, or address issues like respect, listening skills, bullying or gratitude, A Journey Beings can create a custom experience for you.


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