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These experiences are tailored to elementary, secondary and post-secondary schools, as well as home school groups and camps.

Interactive Workshops

As a qualified educator, Chris understands the needs of teachers, students, home school instructors, campers, support workers, leaders and administrators. His workshops are inclusive, participatory and engaging, accommodating multiple learning styles and diverse needs.

A Journey Begins workshops can address many curriculum expectations, from history, geography and social studies to math, science, art and language. We work with you to plan workshops that meet your desired learning outcomes or address challenges in the classroom.


The Haudenosaunee Worldview

This multi-part workshop is the starting point for a learning journey. Participants are introduced to the original instructions given to the Haudenosaunee people, and gain an understanding of how they view the world.

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The Maple Syrup Experience

This hands-on, interactive, outdoor workshop combines the traditional Haudenosaunee method of making maple syrup with stories, songs and teachings that connect to concepts of sustainability, stewardship, tradition and gratitude.

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Making Traditional Water Drums

In this two day, immersive workshop, you will hand carve a traditional Haudenosaunee water drum using traditional tools and methods. While you work, you’ll share stories, songs and food over the fire with your fellow participants and instructors.

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A Journey Begins workshops are:

  • Interactive, engaging, inclusive and fun
  • Connected to the curriculum, with individual learning outcomes identified
  • Customized to your individual needs

About Christopher

Christopher Stock’s teachings are rooted in Indigenous culture, history, and languages that have survived for generations. With over 30 years of experience working with learners of all ages, Chris has honed a unique teaching style that provides an interactive cultural experience, offering participants the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of indigenous ways of knowing and being.

More About Chris

The interactive, multimodal nature of your presentations were well-suited to our diverse population with varied learning styles. The combination of stories, visual props in the form of clothing and artwork, hands on props like drums and rattles, and of course the students’ participation in the songs and dances gained and maintained their attention and helped them to truly learn something from the presentations

Pamaela Reinholdt, Principal, & Gary LaPeare, Sr. Kindergarten & Event Organizer,
Prince of Wales Elementary School

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