Indigenous Cultural Experiences

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A Journey Begins… workshops offer real experiences to increase your understanding of Indigenous culture, ways of knowing and being. I invite you to take a journey with me “TSI TIOTÁHSAWEN TEWAHTÉN:TI” (at the place where A Journey Begins), because life, after all, is a journey.

All of our workshops begin with the Ohén:ton Karihwatéhkwen, also known as the Thanksgiving Address or the words that come before all else, spoken in the Mohawk language. This is followed by a full interactive translation to provide a greater understanding of what this address is asking of us.

Our workshops use traditional storytelling and demonstrations of various social dances and songs to help participants understand how the Haudenosaunee people saw and see the natural world. Participants also develop a deeper understanding of the importance and significance of Traditional Indigenous Teachings and Ceremonial Practices by actively participating, observing and listening to a different way of learning and living.

In all of our workshops we...

  • Identify individual learning outcomes
  • Provide flexible scheduling
  • Enhance and support cultural sensitivity
  • Provide you with an amazing and impactful experience

For Educators

Empowering educators through Indigenous knowledge

These experiences are tailored to elementary, secondary and post-secondary schools, as well as home school groups and camps.

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For Corporate Groups

Cultivating a culture of equity and belonging in your organization

This program is tailored to Business, Education, Community, Human Resources, and Government settings.

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For Private Groups

Fostering understanding, sharing knowledge and building relationships

These programs are ideal for families, clubs, cottager and tourist organizations, resorts, museums, festivals and more.

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Featured Workshop

The Maple Syrup Experience

This hands-on, interactive, outdoor workshop combines the traditional Haudenosaunee method of making maple syrup with stories, songs and teachings that connect to concepts of sustainability, stewardship, tradition and gratitude.

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Chris’s work has been instrumental in helping to develop an understanding of and respect for the cultures that are an integral part of our Canadian Identity. Helping students develop this mindset is, in my mind, one of the most valuable pursuits that we can provide within a public education system and Chris’ excellent program supports this goal!

– David Crawford, Principal—Retired, Macaulay Public School